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The Ultimate, Short, and Sweet Picnic Guide


June is the perfect month for picnics. It’s officially summer, yet it’s not brutally hot. So grab your red-and-white checkered blanket and wicker basket – it’s picnic time!

To start, let’s talk about what you should pack. Of course, you’ll want to pack finger-food. Fried chicken is a classic picnic food for a reason. Some other good picnic foods include sliced apples, chips, fresh veggies (broccoli and carrots), and canned beverages. Be sure to bring some of Rossmoor Pastries Petit Fours too – they’re perfectly portable and summer-ie.



OK, so you’ve got the import part down – the food. However, we recommend bringing a fun activity. Corn hole, a deck of cards, a football, a frisbee – you name it. If you’re like me, you’ll be done with your food within 10 minutes of the picnic. Therefore, you’ll want something to do once the food is gone.


Credit: maranachurch.com


Next, prepare for the bugs. Scout out the grass you’ll lay your blanket on top of; keep an eye out for ants. If you’re in Southern California, mosquitos shouldn’t be too much of an issue unless you’re further inland and in a more rural environment. That said, it’s a good idea to bring mosquito repellent either way.


Don’t forget to pack the important utility items. I’m talking about trash bags, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. The better you prepare in this regard, the easier the cleanup will be. You’ll thank me later.


Picnics are basically ultra-short camping trips. So plan accordingly, and make sure you have the best food possible – especially the desserts.

How to Pull off a Supreme Graduation Party

School’s out forever! Any graduation is a huge accomplishment, whether it’s graduating from elementary school, high school, or college. A graduation represents the product of hard work as well as the beginning of a new adventure. So you better make sure the graduation party is perfect.


Credit: shindigz.com


Fan Masks: The absolute, most important thing to have at a graduation party, no matter what, is a massive fan mask of the graduate (pictured above). Treat the graduation party like a high-energy basketball game and celebrate! An added benefit of these freakishly large masks? They embarrass the heck out of the graduate.


Credit: somethingprettymanila.com


Polaroid Booth: Polaroid cameras are excellent for capturing the mood of a graduation party. Beyond that, young folks love the nostalgic gadgets. Set up a polaroid station with pens and a stocked Polaroid camera. Party-goers will get to take selfies and write kind messages on the photos.



Rossmoor Pastries Treats: I know, I know, I really hyped up the fan masks. But now let’s be pragmatic: the actual most important aspect of a party (besides the people, of course) is the dessert. Whether it’s the cute grad-cap-shaped cookies, the indulgent cupcakes, or the show-stopping specialty cake, desserts can transcend a graduation party to the next level. Rossmoor Pastries is your safest option for securing the most impressive, beautiful, and delicious graduation desserts.

3 Things Mom Wants to Do for Mother’s Day (With a Dessert Pairing)

Mother’s Day is sneaking up. Here are 3 things mom wants to do for Mother’s Day. We also added relevant Rossmoor Pastries treat pairings for each activity.


1. Eat a Home-Cooked Dinner: Does she care that you’re a terrible cook? No, it’s the thought that counts! Well, unless you’re just that bad — kidding. Treat your mom to her favorite meal prepared by her favorite person. Not only will you avoid the Mother’s Day rush at restaurants, she’ll appreciate a meal from you far more than one from a stranger. Just make sure to cook something special – save the Spaghetti-O’s for another night. Don’t stress about the dessert, we have you covered. Rossmoor Pastries’ fresh-baked Red Velvet Cake perfectly caps any delicious meal.



2. Go on a Hike: Whether your mother is the matronly equivalent of Bear Grylls or abhors any form of exercise, she’ll love going on a hike or walk with you. We recommend taking an easy hike and bringing a small cooler filled with picnic foods. Be sure to make room for some of Roosmoor Pastries Mini Fruit Tarts! They’re a sweet pick-me-up, yet a light and refreshing snack – perfect for an afternoon hike.



3. Go to the Movies: OK, so your mom isn’t a hiker – or a walker. All good, same with my mom. In this case, take her to the movies! See if there are any movies out she might be interested in. If your mom isn’t into superhero movies and action flicks, check your local arthouse movie theatre. Once you find a movie your mom would love to watch with you, be sure to sneak in some Rossmoor Pastries M&M Cookies.


Backyard BBQ Essentials

Summer Backyard BBQ Essentials

At Rossmoor we understand the importance gathering with family and friends to create fond memories all summer, we also happen to know how to throw a pretty decent party. So, we complied a few of our favorite tricks to throw together the perfect summertime get together.

  • Decor: Summer is the best season for outdoor decor. Keep it simple. Gingham table cloths, brightly colored florals, mason jars with tea candles and a few strands of string lights. Quick set up & easy to take down after your guests leave.
  • Activities: No one wants to go to a party that is overly planned to too many games and events. However, you don’t want your guests to get bored. Be sure to stock up (or make your own) fun backyard games. Cornhole, ring toss, frisbee, the possibilities are endless. A few of our favorite party games can be found here
  • Food/Drink Station: An outdoor space can be less directional than indoor so setting up stations creates a sense of organization. Having a designated food and drink area makes it clear to your guests that they can eat and drink whenever they are ready, no need to wait to be served!
  • Eats: Our favorite BBQ foods also happen to be finger foods. Who wants to deal with washing a ton of silverware or ruining the environment with plastic cutlery? Keep the menu simple, just like the decor. Hotdogs, sliders, fruit salads. Find some of our favorite food and drink recipes here.
  • Dessert: Plan dessert ahead of time. You will not want to be in the kitchen making an elaborate dish while your guests are there. One of our favorite is a cookie-wich. Stop by The Shoppe and grab a dozen of our signature M&M cookies and a tub of your favorite French vanilla ice cream. We promise it won’t disappoint.

These backyard BBQ essentials are sure to make your next summer soiree one to remember.

2018 Wedding Cake Updates

For 2018 our wedding cakes are one better.  Our new wedding cake standard now includes four decadent layers of moist cake and three delicious layers of filling. This is in contrast to the industry standard three layers of cake with two layers of filling. Every bite has a better ratio of cake to filling – taste the difference. If you’re looking for a celebration cake, our celebration cakes have three moist layers of cake and two delicious layers of filling.

We also now are offering a gluten-friendly white cake option. The reason this offering is only “gluten-friendly” is because we advise all gluten sensitive customers that these cakes are still produced in a gluten processing bakery. We have been working on perfecting this recipe for you and are so excited to finally give you this option!

A look into the pastry: Buttercream Frosting..it’s real.

At Rossmoor we pride ourselves in the freshness and lightness of our products and all their ingredients. Specifically- our buttercream frosting. We have found the perfect blend of sweetness, the perfect smooth (almost soft) consistency and our secret is pretty simple: it’s real.


Who would have thought just using “real” ingredients would make the difference?! We don’t think it’s rocket science but we are happy it works.


Unlike competitors our frosting does not come out of a packet. It’s texture is not granulated but smooth instead and rather than overtake our cakes with it’s sweetness it compliments it. It’s natural off white coloring is due to the fact that butter is well…not white and neither is all natural vanilla!


Rossmoor follows the “old style” recipe of buttercream frosting which focuses on using whole ingredients rather than fillers. We are extremely proud of our daily fresh, whole and real supplies that keep our pastries and cakes tasting as great as they do!


We know when you try it, you will taste the difference.

Our Favorite Breakfast Bread


German Breakfast Bread, our favorite way at Rossmoor Pastries to add healthy fiber to our daily diet and control our cravings for fat & sugar (because let’s be real, working at a bakery…we need some self control). German Breakfast Bread is not only all natural but contains no sugar, shortening, additives or preservatives. Like most things at Rossmoor we only use whole ingredients to make this delicious loaf. Here’s a little more about the ingredients hat makes this a healthier carb option:

  • Wheat: contains easy to digest vegetable protein and vitamin rich wheat germ. What has a harmonizing effect and has special significance in enlivening circulation.
  • Barley: the oldest form of cereal, barley is wholesome and rich in valuable salts. It is full of minerals and is especially good for the nervous system.
  • Rye: promotes an active digestive action due to it’s bulk. The richness in enzymes, vitamins and potassium stimulates the function of the liver.
  • Millet: great for vision due to being heavy in magnesium, potash, iron, flint and fluorine. It also has a favorable influence on skin sells and supports healthy maintenance of teeth and fingernails. It also can work against hair loss!
  • Oats: rich in magnesium, flint, and iron. Oats have positive effect on the heart and circulation.
  • Corn: corn is a well tolerated protein that is great to add to your diet.


We hope you love this breakfast “treat” as much as we do. Stop in & grab your loaf today!


A Look Inside Food Safety

At Rossmoor Pastries there are several aspects of our business that we take pride in but of all of those things, food safety surpasses them by leaps and bounds. Our regimen of food safety involves a stringent manufacturing process that is very unique to our business.

We source locally and keep our products fresh, organized and separated in a space connected to the bakery. This allows us to only keep enough product on hand for the week of production and gives us the ability to produce fresh 6 days a week. It also allows us to offer a diverse product line and bring solutions to clients with special allergies and or restrictions. All 24 hours of the day and night our team is working on either processing new product or stocking back up for the upcoming week.

This around the clock system has allowed Rossmoor to be third party certified, an honor that is only awarded to those with the highest and most pristine standards. This level and performance of food safety gives Rossmoor an entire other dimension of business and keeps our products tasting fresh and delicious.

Our motto here at Rossmoor is “taste the difference”- our passion mixed with these food safety standards guarantee that your goods from Rossmoor will truly be different.





Commitment to Community: Donut Boy Celebrates his 10th Birthday


Last week Donut Boy, Tyler, asked the Rossmoor family to be a part of a very special community celebration for our local first responders . This adorable 10-year-old from Alabama is on a mission to spread awareness and thank police officers for their loyal and selfless service. Tyler began his mission in August and this last week was on a very special leg of his trip; 10 states in 10 days for his 10th birthday!  Tyler has donated over 32,000 donuts nationwide to first responders and has visited over 20 states. We felt incredibly honored to have been asked to be a part of such a special birthday for such a great cause. Thank you Tyler for highlighting a group of people we are so grateful for here at Rossmoor, we are very lucky to have such brave men & women around the corner from us. Thank you Long Beach PD & Signal Hill PD for all you do and for allowing us to be a part of your special celebration!

Commitment to Community: First Responders Month

“Bravery is not the absence of fear but action in the face of fear”

Rossmoor is grateful for all first responders but is especially grateful for our local heroes. While there is little we can do that amounts to the service that these men and women provide for us and the community, we were able to go out and meet some of these amazing people to thank them personally. Being given a whole month to celebrate our community heroes was an honor.
Thank you all for your dedicated service & for welcoming the Rossmoor family with open arms. Happy first responders month! We hope you enjoyed your treats and hope to see you all in the bakery soon. Your important community service & dedication to our safety never goes unnoticed but we are so happy to highlight you this month.